Nahdlatul Ulama has accomplished meetings on “International Summit of the Moderate Islamic Leaders (Isomil)”


Nahdlatul Ulama has accomplished meetings on “International Summit of
the Moderate Islamic Leaders (Isomil)”, which is held in Jakarta,
Indonesia. After intensive consultation and discussion with many experts
who join this conference, Nahdlatul Ulama proclaim “Declaration of
Nahdlatul Ulama as follows:

1. Nahdlatul Ulama offers concept and
experience of Islam Nusantara to the world as good example of Islamic
paradigm, that religion can support civilization by respecting and
acknowledging existed culture and beholding peace and harmony.

Nahdlatul Ulama does not intend to export Islam Nusantara to other
world’s regions but invite Moslem communities to remember to the beauty
and dynamics that flourish from the meetings of history, combination
between spirit and teachings of Islam with local cultures in the whole
world, which bring out great civilization, as in Nusantara or Indonesia

3. Islam Nusantara is not religion nor new schools
but the practice of Islam which develops naturally in the middle of
Nusantara culture and does not offense with Islamic Shari’a as
understood, taught and practiced by Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah or Sunni
followers in the world.

4. In the view of Islam Nusantara, there
is dispute between religion and nationalism. Hubbul wathan minal iman;
“love country is part of faith”. Those who do not have nationality will
not have homeland. Those who do not have homeland will not have history.

5. In the view of Islam Nusantara, Islam does not command its beholders
to conquer the world, but push them to promote good behavior (akhlaqul
karimah), because it is the only way Islam becomes mercy to the universe
(rahmatan lil’alamin).

6. Islam Nusantara unswervingly follows
and lives basic Islamic teachings and values, including tawassuth
(moderate), tawazun (harmony), tasammuh (grace, affection not violence
and coercion) and i’tidal (justice).

7. As the biggest group of
Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah in the world, Nahdlatul Ulama shares sympathy to
the Moslem or non-Moslem society who suffer religious extremism, terror,
conflict in the middle east and wave of Islamophobia in West.

Nahdlatul Ulama see that certain model of Islamic interpretation is
most influential factor in spreading of religious extremism within

9. In decades, some governments in Middle East have
exploited religious differences and enmity history between schools,
without considering the effects to the humanity, by blowing sectarian
issues. Those countries hunt for soft power (opinion influence) and hard
power (political, economy, military influence) also export their
conflict to entire world. The sectarian propagandas purposefully support
religious extremism and push the spreading of terrorism to the world).

10. Religious spreading extremism and terrorism create the wave of Islamophobia within non-Moslem).

11. Some governments in the Middle East build their political
legitimacy from religious interpretation to support religious extremism
and terrors. The threat of religious extremism and terrors can be
overcome only if those governments want to open their mind and build
alternative sources for their political legitimacy.

12. Nahdlatul Ulama ready to help this effort.

13. Economy and political injustice and mass poverty in Islamic World
contribute the flourish of religious extremism and terrorism. Those
reality always used as propaganda for extremism and terrorism, to
legitimate and strengthen promised future illusion. So, this injustice
and poverty problem cannot be separated from root of extremism and

14. Although conflict that rise countless victims in
Middle East seems cannot be ended, we cannot ignore them. Nahdlatul
Ulama demand Indonesian government to actively take role to seek problem
solving for conflicts in the Middle East.

15. Nahdlatul Ulama
make call to everyone who has good intention either from all religion or
nationality to join the effort to establish global consensus not to
politicizing Islam, and marginalize those who intend to exploiting Islam
to hurt others.

16. Nahdlatul Ulama will struggle to consolidate
Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah followers for the sake of the circumstances
where Islam and Moslem become conveyor of mercy and contribute to the
welfare of human being.

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