”One furnace, three stones” is a term I often hear about religious harmony in Papua. This philosophy describes people’s principle in maintaining balance and unity of life through high regard to the significance of religious harmony among the people.
The furnace refers to togetherness meaning. Three stones refer to the symbols of three existing great religions there. When visiting some villages, I frequently encountered a family with three dirrefent-religion adherents, such as:   Christians, Islam and Catholics. Although living and sharing in one family but different religions didn’t  really become any conflicts regarding the different beliefs.
One night, I saw something beautiful happen. That time, One of the students in Pesantren Al payage, named rudi, was visited by his father. He was one of the students who came from Argaboda, the central plateau of Papua. One meaningfull thing to be deeply understood was that  his father was a Christian but allowed his son to decide his own way at the far-enough Pesantren where he learned seriously.
Nowadays, The more I think, the deeper I understand that the cultural concept of Papua paid very good attention  to the inspiration to live together in the context of  kinship.
For me, the difference in religion constitutes a harmony of  life based on ethical values and noble cultures. In fact, the diversity in religion is not a barrier to interact each other but it even becomes a bond of kinship and brotherhood which is full of cultural values. So far, it’s seldom, one has an idea that people in Papua with abundant natural resources also live in egalitarian life.
A beautiful miniature of “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” that has been practiced by the residents for a long time, before the emergence of pluralism in big cities. Let’s take care of Papua with its diversity. May us get peace all day. Do not be so weak that easy to be  destroyed in the name of religion.

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